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Is your problem getting worse?

If bats are in your home, their guano can accumulate. Your air quality will be lowered, and the insulating factor in your home or business will be ruined. Ticks and fleas can thrive in this environment, causing you even more trouble.

 • Homes and mobile homes

 • Schools

 • Office buildings

 • Warehouses

 • Municipal buildings

 • Barns

We can bat proof any type of building you may own:

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Keep your home and business bat proof

From the rolling hills to the large water supplies, your region has an ideal climate and atmosphere in which bats can thrive. Wisconsin Bat Specialists Inc. has solved problems like yours for over 30 years and can end your troubles in as little as 24 hours.

Don’t worry about harmful chemicals being used

Since you’re dealing with experts, your property will not be put at further risk. Instead of poisonous chemicals, the excluder method will be used on the bats. This ensures that once they leave your building to feed, they cannot get back in through the original or any secondary entry point.

Get help in keeping your property pest free:

 • Bat conservation

 • Bat proofing

 • Attic cleaning

 • Disinfecting services

 • Aerial capabilities of up to 120 feet

 • Seen on Discovery, National Geographic, and BCI

 • All of Wisconsin

 • Northeast Iowa

 • Southwest Minnesota

 • Northern Illinois

 • Throughout the United States

 • Canada and Mexico

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