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Don’t let your property turn into a bat breeding ground

Even the tiniest holes within your property can become ideal living quarters for bats. The bats may leave droppings, hair, urine, oils, and even blood. These contaminants may spread bacteria, viruses, and diseases in your home if you don’t have it cleaned quickly.

You can have complete decontamination in all areas of your house, even if it means replacing your insulation or using a high-powered vacuum. Infected materials like wood, dirt, and metal will be extracted, and no item is too large for us to move.


During this process, the pests will be removed from your home and all entry points will be sealed. Once all debris and pests are removed, the area will be fogged. You will not have to worry about odors or zoonotic (animal to human) diseases.

Only settle for complete decontamination



in ALL areas


Get expert cleaning for your home or business:

• We use BBB accredited disinfecting and cleaning services

• Dropping cleanup

• Debris cleanup

• Insulation removal

• Decontamination

• We also use (BBB accredited A rating) attic services to assist in our larger projects. All attic work is overseen by one of our Wisconsin Bat Specialists Techs.

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If bats have been in your home, they may have already compromised the safety of you and your family. Rid your property of what the pests left behind by calling Wisconsin Bat Specialists Inc. We’ve been solving problems like yours for over 30 years.

Are you suffering from the effects of pest infestation?

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