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Q: What kinds of areas attract bats the most?

A: Bodies of water. This is because bats have quite an appetite for mosquitoes.

Don’t just think of bats as pests.

The more that you understand about the creatures that are in your house, the better you will be able to deal with them. Wisconsin Bat Specialists Inc. has dealt with bats for over 30 years, and can answer any questions you may have about them.

Q: What time of the year does bat activity slow down?

A: During the winter. When the first frost hits, smaller bats migrate and larger

ones hibernate.

Q: Why do bats tend to live in older homes instead of

newer ones?

A: Older homes may have more cracks and crevices, which are ideal living spots for bats.

Q: Where in my house might I find the most bats?

A: The attic. They like for the temperature to be in the upper nineties or higher. This is especially true for groups of female bats who are preparing to give birth.

Q: Are the bats in my house dangerous?

A: Not very likely. Only rabid bats are dangerous, and less than 1% of bats are rabid.

Q: Why does Wisconsin Bat Specialists Inc. try to lure bats out of the house instead of exterminating them?

A: Bats are generally harmless, and our method of exclusion is highly recommended by all Midwestern DNRs. Also, bats are an endangered species and it is illegal to use pesticides or chemicals on them.

Q: If bats are hibernating in my house, are the pest removal methods any different?

A: Yes. Waking up a hibernating bat could cause the creature to suffer a fatal loss of energy. That's why we deliver them to a certified rehabber.

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