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You shouldn’t be fooled by pop culture myths about bats. The vast majority of them present no threat to you. They are also an endangered species. We promote a no-kill approach to removing bats from your home, which involves the method

of exclusion.

Help promote the

harmless approach

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If you want to learn more, the best thing for you to do is meet us in person. The Wisconsin Bat Festival happens every June. If you go over there, we can teach you firsthand about bat removal and exclusion. You can also go to any of the seminars we put on statewide.

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Are you tired of hearing clawed feet scratching in your walls and ceilings? Don’t get overwhelmed. Call Wisconsin Bat Specialists Inc. to get rid of those pests for good.

Terry Foulk and his team of conservationists have been taking care of problems like yours since 1979. You can count on expert home inspection and prompt removal of pests.

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and experience

When it comes to protecting your family’s safety, time is of the essence. Our services are fast, friendly and affordable. You will also be offered one of the longest guarantees in the area. Solve your infestation problem without draining your bank account.

Low prices and fast response times guaranteed

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Residential & Commercial Bat Proofing - With over 30 years of experience and over 35,000 residences helped, we're looking to serve you now

Disinfecting & Cleaning - Keep your home safe and clean with high powered vacuuming and meticulous insulation removal

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Midwestern Bats - Take a look at the kind of bats that we deal with

Bat FAQ - Want to learn more about your problem?

Educational - If you are in the Midwest Region, come to our quality workshops and seminars

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