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Our History

In 1979, I was working as a tool and die maker in the Milwaukee area. A co-worker told me about his part time work doing non-lethal pest control with his dad. What he had to say was interesting because that company did not harm or kill any animals. They live-trapped them, removed them, and relocated them. I really appreciated those humane methods he talked about and had many more questions about the business. One day he asked if I would like to come along after work with them. A friend of one of his mother's co-workers from the Milwaukee museum needed help with a bat problem at their lake cottage. I said, “Sure, why not? It should be interesting."


His dad explained and showed a method in which bats could leave but would not be able to get back in. This involved screen and duct tape to cover the existing holes, and leaving the bottom loose. We began working at the lake home of our customers, Marion and Vernes. I had the chance to install the tape / screen exit on one of the openings, and we stayed till dark to watch the bats leave as planned. The exit screens were left in place for three days. Then they were removed and the holes were sealed. Verne was very happy to see that the bats were not harmed. He also told us about a close museum friend that was a bat professor. I later became a member of Bat Conservation International and became absorbed in all the information they would let me get my hands on. We did a few more jobs that summer with bats, and I came to appreciate them.


I relocated to Waupaca, WI in 1980. Although I never advertised, I was able to do a few jobs on my own by word of mouth. In 1981, my friend Mark moved to Waupaca and told me about a new method that his friend Marshall Hanks from Sturgeon Bay had invented. It was called the excluder (EX-100). This allowed bats to exit but not re-enter by going thru a block / cone type device. (His story can be seen at www.batfree.com) Mark and I started a small business locally to help area residents with their bat problems. Surprisingly, we received plenty of calls. I was on my own three years later when Mark moved away, but the College of Natural Resources at Stevens Point, WI quickly took me under wing. They supplied me with a few wildlife students and graduates to assist with my work and find plenty more work over the years.


In 1984, I was invited to give a series of lectures through the University System in Wisconsin. I was introduced as "Terry Foulk, Wisconsin Bat Specialist." Ever since that time, the name stuck. It was eventually used for my company. In a short period of time, I got to meet many biologists and animal specialists from across North America and formed many close friendships. I began doing some work out of state. Many of the jobs were huge, but I did get a lot of help from those earlier contacts. The jobs went from 300-400 per year to the huge numbers we have today.


In 1985, Marshall Hanks met with me to show me the new and improved Excluder that he had developed through research. I (along with most other bat proofing companies) have been using this technology ever since. All credit for the excluder and the improved exclusion method should go to Marshall Hanks. It has saved millions – if not billions – of bats from being killed.


Today, we have become a network of bat proofing and exclusion specialists. We have tons of experience and many locations across the Midwest. We offer the best service possible and are proud to have earned a great reputation.

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